Genetic Testing

“The origin of each of us stems
from codes of genetic inheritance.”

John Eccles


If you’ve been searching for answers to better understand your health, testing your DNA should be the next step. Greens and Genes offers Your Genomic ResourceTM DNA genetic testing, a customized and private DNA saliva test kit developed by Dr. Robert Miller of Functional Genetic AnalysisTM. The Your Genomic Resource™ chip was specifically designed to look at the functional biochemistry of nutritional pathways involved in methylation, gut health, detox pathways, mitochondrial and hormone function, master antioxidant production, and more. 
Testing is simple to do. Once your order has been placed with Greens and Genes, a test kit will be sent directly to you. Follow the instructions included in the kit, fill the provided tube with your saliva, and then mail the kit to the lab. (The kits/saliva samples are processed through Rutgers University RUCDR Infinite Biologics.) Results are typically available in about 8 weeks and are uploaded directly into yourFunctional Genomic AnalysisTM file that has been created by Kaye. The lab eliminates any personal data associated with the bar code. 
Next step is to schedule a Genetic Assessment with Kaye to discover your results.

_ Your Genomic Resource DNA Test Kit   $225  

Genetic Assessment

Nutrigenomic Assessment
for MTHFR, Methylation &
Genetic SNPs

“Genes load the gun,
environment pulls the trigger.”
Dr. Francis Collins

While our DNA is fixed and cannot be changed, the “expression” of our genes is pliable and can be influenced by what we eat, what we are exposed to, how active we are and the levels of stress we experience. I am here to help you navigate this confusing and complex new world! If you are struggling with MTHFR, methylation issues or simply want to know what all those red, green, and yellow markers mean on your genetic report, I can help. I start with your DNA blueprint, then by combining your current health symptoms, lab work and SNPs, I create a comprehensive, easy to use detailed report that explains how to nutritionally support your genetic variants. By understanding your SNPS (gene mutations aka single nucleotide polymorphisms), you can gain a better understanding of your genetic predispositions and the influences on your current health so you can take action on what we can identify and optimize. The environment we bathe our genes in every day is one of the strongest drivers of our health and we do have the power to influence our genetic expression!

In a private, 1 ½ - 2 hour consultation with Kaye – in person or via phone– you’ll receive a written Genetic Assessment variant report that explores your genetic raw data results, what they potentially could mean to your health, plus recommendations for a custom nutrition and lifestyle protocol to help support your optimal genetic expression.

_ Genetic Assessment (23andme, Strategene,
Functional Genomic Analysis, Ancestry DNA) $295  

_ Additional Appointments (60 minutes)   $125

_ Three-Month Support Your Genetics
Genetic Assessment, 2 additional 60 minute appointments, weekly phone check-in)    $495

Nutrition Retool

“Food can be the safest and most
powerful form of medicine or the
slowest form of poison.”

Ann Wigmore

If you are hungry for a new relationship with food but don’t know where to begin, I can help! I start with a comprehensive review of your health history, current symptoms and lifestyle patterns. We’ll discuss your current style of eating, what is working and where you’re having trouble. Then I’ll take a deeper dive into the underlying influences on your health, including gut dysbiosis, food allergies and intolerances, leaky gut and genetic triggers. I create a personalized plan to minimize your symptoms and support your journey back to overall health and an enjoyable relationship with food.

_ Comprehensive Case Review   $150                 

_ Additional appointments (50 minutes) $125

_ Three- Month Happy Belly Makeover
(Comprehensive Case Review, 2 additional appointments, weekly phone check-in)   $375



All Things

“Healthy aging is mainly the
result of how we communicate
with our genes – through diet,
lifestyle and the environment
we bathe them in.”

Dr. Frank Lipman

Fatigue, skin rashes, foggy brain! Toxins are everywhere and they can do a number on the way you look and feel. Learn about all the influences in your environment that are adding to your “total toxin burden” and discover the potential impact it is having on your health and well-being. I’ll identify both internal and external potential toxins you are being subjected to, and then create a plan to help you get the junk out! Included in your personalized plan of action will be recommendations for your home, beauty products, food, and methods to support internal cleansing/detoxification. Genetic variants that impact detoxification can also be addressed.

_ Comprehensive Case Review   $150               

_ Additional appointments (50 minutes)  $125

_ Three-Month Tox-Out (Comprehensive Case Review, 2 additional appointments, weekly phone check-in)  $375                           



“If we are creating ourselves
all the time, then it is never too
late to begin creating the body
we want instead of the ones we
mistakenly assume we are
stuck with.”

Deepak Chopra

Calories In. Calories Out. If only it were so simple! Losing and managing a healthy weight is so much more than we have been led to believe and is a very personal journey. By identifying road blocks such as food allergies, nutrient deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, genetic SNPs and more, I provide a personalized plan you can implement to budge health markers, including the needle on the scale, towards vibrant health. Go from where you are now... to WOW!

_ Comprehensive Case Review    $150

_ Additional appointments (50 minutes)  $125

_ Three-Month Metabolic Makeover
(Comprehensive Case Review, 2 additional visits, weekly phone check-in)   $375




Additional Services

_ General appointments (50 minutes)   $125

– Additional lab testing
Please inquire about pricing. 

I help people with:

– Digestive Disturbances
– MTHFR & Methylation Issues
– Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD)                          
– Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)                    
– Crohn’s Disease
– Food Allergies/Sensitivities
– Acid Reflux
– Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO)
– Celiac & Gluten Sensitivity
– Auto-Immune Conditions
– Thyroid Disease
– Adrenal “Burn-out”
– Weight Management
– Insulin Resistance

– Diabetes
– Blood Sugar Imbalances
– Heart Disease
– Joint Pain
– Poor Sleep
– Fatigue
– Brain Fog
– Depression
– Toxicity
– Stress Overload
– Leaky Gut
– Sleep Disturbances


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