"Kaye has been incredibly helpful in my journey towards better health. She took my 23&me information and helped me understand what to eat (and what not to eat) to feel better. She spent more than an hour on the phone with me, and we’ve exchanged multiple emails. I’ve been to multiple physicians, both allopathic and functional medicine, and she was much more helpful than any of them. I feel better than I have in years! She is a true gem.”

Julie G., Centerville, OH

"Working with Kaye has been incredibly helpful – an eye-opening experience into how to take better care of myself. I consider myself pretty “savvy” in terms of healthy eating, exercising, taking supplements, using only organic products and so on, and Kaye helped me realize that there is so much more I can do to improve my health and lifestyle. I would recommend Genes and Greens to anybody, any age, super healthy or not so much – there is so much more you can learn. Kaye will help you feel more empowered about your lifestyle choices. She has an incredible knowledge of genetics and its links to health, and at the same time an amazing ability to break it down into simple, understandable language for people who do not have any genetics background or understanding. I cannot recommend Kaye enough. Her knowledge, practice, and care are a gift to the continued health of people all around."

Leticia E., Darien, CT

“I recently had my 23andme genetic data analyzed with Kaye and found it to be an eye-opening experience! She was able to explain my personal genetic predispositions as well as the impact my everyday habits were potentially having on my genetic expression. Kaye made numerous recommendations for both my diet and lifestyle that will surely impact my health in a very positive way! I highly recommend Kaye.”

Denise D., Centennial, CO

“Kaye has helped me learn much about my pre-disposition to certain inefficiencies in my bodily functioning.  She has shown me foods I should avoid to stay healthy.  She is very detailed, and knows the 23andme genetic test very well. She can recommend supplements that can improve your body's functioning at a cellular level. I would recommend Kaye to help understand the 23andme genetic test.”

Marsha S., Cicinnati, OH

"Kaye’s services are absolutely wonderful! She provides detailed, in-depth genetic analysis that is very interesting, yet easy to understand. She explains what genes you have and how outside factors like foods, vitamins, medications, stress, sleep and environmental exposures can affect your genes, and thus your health. Her findings are beautifully presented and include reference material for personal learning. Kaye explains how the right nutrients can help support your biochemical pathways, and how simple lifestyle changes can dramatically improve quality of life. Modern science can keep us alive for a long time, but personalized nutrition analysis can keep us feeling GREAT while we are alive. 

 I am a fellow nutritionist who engaged Kaye to analyze several special client cases and loved ones. Talking with her was enlightening, and I’m excited to be her next client! I know I will reference Kaye's suggestions regularly and use this information for the rest of my life, since my genes are not going to change, but my habits always can improve! I highly recommend Kaye because she is so caring, intelligent, knowledgeable and on top of the very latest science. She is constantly learning and attending the best conferences and seminars, packed with experts teaching about epigenetics and nutrigenomics. If you work with Kaye, you will know yourself inside and out, and be empowered to live a better life."

Catherine L., Denver, CO