Embrace Your Future with Vibrant Health and
an Energetic, Active Lifestyle

Desire a healthier body? Are you afraid of growing older and getting sick? Want to positively impact your genetic expression for a lifetime of good health?

I provide one-on-one counseling to assist you in reaching your health goals by utilizing proven strategies that incorporate the latest science of healthy eating and lifestyle behaviors. Understanding our genetic predispositions and then positively influencing gene behavior through nutrition and epigenetics ultimately leads to better health. After all, it's not just a long life we desire, but one which is vibrant, healthy and worth living!

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About Kaye C. Reich, Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner;
Certified Gluten Practitioner; Owner, Greens and Genes

I’ve always believed that getting older didn’t have to mean getting slower, sicker, succumbing to a degenerative disease or withdrawing from the things we love to do. Since graduating from the Nutrition Therapy Institute, I’m on a mission to spread the good news about aging. It’s never too late to take control of our own health and make meaningful, positive lasting changes by making better choices about what we eat, and how we spend our heartbeats. LEARN MORE

“Kaye has been incredibly helpful in my journey towards better health. She took my 23andme information and helped me understand what to eat (and what not to eat) to feel better. I’ve been to multiple physicians, both allopathic and functional medicine, and she was much more helpful than any of them. I feel better than I have in years! She is a true gem.
— Julie G., Ohio
Kaye has helped me embrace the aging process with helpful suggestions about diet and supplements that have improved my life considerably.
— Howard M., Boulder, Colorado